Pennsylvania Voting Rights Pledge

As a supporter of free, fair and transparent democratic elections including all legal American voters and as an opponent of election fraud, I hereby pledge to:


1. Support action to repeal Pennsylvania’s unconstitutional Act 77 and restore all voting methods to the methods clearly described in the State Constitution.


2. Support the adoption of an amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution to specify that the only voting methods to be used in the state are established by the State Constitution. No universal mail-in voting allowed.


3. Support a law to require photo identification for all methods of voting, in person or by mail.


4. Support a law to require that all voter rolls must be cleaned before every election.


5. Support a law which requires that all ballots except military ballots must be received in the election office by poll closing time on Election Day.

Let Your Voice Be Heard. Please Sign The Pledge.

"Pennsylvania has one of the oldest legislatures in our country and one of the oldest constitutions on our country...Philadelphia is the birthplace of the country. That's where the Declaration of Independence was written. That's where the constitution was written. It's a very very important battleground state and the Democrats wanted to make sure that in 2020 it came out for Biden."